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2022-07-22 20:12:44 By : Ms. May Zhang

Never sleep on the ground again

When it comes to hitting the road for an extended adventure, you have a lot of options, ranging from add-on solutions like vehicle rooftop tents and portable kitchens to entirely tricked-out RVs and vans. Somewhere in between lies the camper-trailer, which offers a small—but efficient—home on the go. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

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Trailers are far from a new idea—people are still mad about Airstreams, for one—but today’s designers and manufacturers haven’t shied away from riffing on tradition, either.

Below, take a look at some of the inventive offerings in camper-trailer-land.

Name: The Polydrop Trailer Cost: Currently 20 limited edition launch models cost $9,000 each, before shipping. Once they have ramped up production, the Polydrop trailer will cost $13,000. Key features: Wood and skinned aluminum exterior, 760 pounds dry, 80-pound tongue weight for easy maneuverability, strut-assisted butterfly doors, roof vent, LED lighting, leather trim.

Name: AIR OPUS Cost: $2,499 for the Air Tent System add-on, available for all OPUS trailers, which range from $18,999 to $22,799 Key features: Pop-out tent inflates in 90 seconds, double beds with inner privacy tents, leatherette seating, kitchenette with stainless steel sink, portable toilet, skylights

Name: The Mantis by Taxa Outdoors Cost: $36,900 MSRP Key features: Lightweight, under 3,000 for easy towing, sleeps four adults, main full-size bed—located in the rear of the trailer—converts into a sofa, while the front area houses two bunk beds, can be stored in a standard length and height garage, wet bath, kitchen

Name: The Nest by Airstream Cost: $42,900 Key features: Fiberglass construction from one of the most revered companies in the industry, wide front tinted windshield, premium fixtures, a two-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, a microwave, and a 24-gallon fresh water tank, small wet bath, sliding screen door, blackout shades, LED interior lighting with Bluetooth Control, USB ports, and lots of overhead storage, sleeps two

Name: Alto R Series Trailer by Safari Condo Cost: From $29,756 Key features: Ultra-light travel trailer that has an exterior height of 83.5 inches so it fits in a garage, aluminum roof pops up electronically to reveal 7 feet of interior space, two dining areas that convert to sleeping quarters for three to four people, kitchen, fixed flush toiler, interior shower